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P.U.S.H. Prologue

Title: P.U.S.H.
Authors: scribeoffate and artisticentropy
Illustrator: artisticentropy
Genre: AU
Pairings: Mostly Gen, later chapters (and I mean really later) hints of Ling/Ed, also vauge one sided Roy/Ed if you look really hard
Warnings: Spoilers for everything, movie, series and the manga.
Summary: AU series rewrite. Hohenheim and Dante found a way to stabilize their bodies. Now a more controlling military has gained guardianship of the Elric brothers. Can Ed and Al discover a way to put things right in a world shaped in unexpected ways by Hohenheim’s discovery?
Disclaimer: Not ours.

“Don't tell me, you've found it?” Dante's new voice was somewhat higher pitched than her last one, Hohenheim noted. He wished that was the only reason he found her grating.

“If you insist. I won't.” He didn't particularly care to share anything with this woman any more. Why wasn't she the Dante he remembered? He had thought he loved her, once.

“Well, I don't. Not really,” Dante laughed.

“Yes, Dante,” he really wished he didn't feel as resigned as he sounded.Still, it would dishonor him not to show her how it worked. He didn't need to explain to her that finding the solution had been quite the accident. There was no particular reason for her to know that.

“Well. How does it work?”

Hohenheim started to explain the theory, glossing over the actual discovery process, and making a great deal of it up. He really didn't know how he'd stumbled upon the way to keep their borrowed bodies from rotting, and slow the aging process.

It was caught up in the red water, but the discovery was lucky chance and the research wasn't all his own. He could have easily overlooked it, if he'd been paying a little less attention. And he knew which arrays would recreate the Elixir. He gave her that much. She didn't need the details. She wasn't the alchemist he was, anyway.

“Really? How simple! I can't believe I didn't see it before...”

Hohenheim stared at her blankly. She hadn't thought of what? He'd spent the last five minutes giving her mostly drivel. What had she seen that he hadn't? Did it matter? Why did he remember her so differently? So much more intelligent. Did he simply feel obligated to her? Had her mind and personality degraded each time her body had? Well, he was obligated to help her this last time, she had saved his life.

“Sweetheart, this is brilliant ” She moved as though to kiss him. He stepped back. That he was under no obligation to do.

She stopped, staring at him, hurt and angry.

“Good bye, Dante. I showed you how to save your bodies, my debt is paid. I'm leaving. Please don't come after me.”He didn't wait, didn't listen to her pleas, didn't pay attention to her calls of anger, didn't stop. He left. He had a life to get back to.

Chapter One
Tags: p.u.s.h.

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